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Connect with employees across the enterprise, engage with other parties like customers, vendors and consultants and reinvent the way you work together, manage and organize information, people, and projects easily and securely.

Do you think that saving documents in folder is really effective? Think again!

Is it really easy to find documents in folders?

Find the right documents and information easily and instantly with basic and advanced search capabilities, dynamic views that act like reusable custom "searches" that enable documents and other information to show up in multiple locations without creating confusing duplicates.

Can you track document changes professionally?

Avoid files duplication and versioning issues and stay compliant with features like check-out and check-in, old version preservation, change logs and automatic version naming and numbering options.

Did you know that every employee uses average 10,000 sheets of paper per year?!

Automate business processes with fully controlled workflows

Streamline your organization’s business processes and workflows, from simple document requests and updates, to advanced review and approval processes.

Easy to implement any business process with required steps, actions, and pre- and post-conditions. Participants in the process can be notified via email of required actions, and documents and other objects can be added to their electronic to-do list.

Track status of documents or other objects, processes can be advanced to the next step with a single click.

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Plustek Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality, professional scanners as well as security devices for businesses, professionals and consumers.

Products include:

  • Desktop ADF Scanners
  • Mobile/Portable Scanners
  • Book (flatbed) Scanners
  • Film (35/120/220mm) Scanners
  • eScan Series (standalone)


  • Patient Relationship
    • Managing relationship with patients 
  • Referrals Management
    • Sales referrals managements
  • Medical Records
    • Keep record of medical encounters and health records
  • Citizen Relationship
    • Government relationship with citizens (G2C)
  • Case Management
    • After sales support and customer care
    • Legal cases management
  • Academic Advising
    • Schools and Universities relationship with students. 
  • Beneficiary Management
    • Charity funds relationship management with their beneficiaries 
  • Donations and Fundraising
    • Charity funds relationship management with their donors 
  • Charity Projects Management
  • Call Center & Help Desk
    • Technical support, SLAs management and help desk functions 
    • Knowledge base and resolutions management
    • Customer care 



We offer the following IT Consultation services:

IT Strategy Consultation

We make the vision for the current IT trends technology future available to you. We make sure that your organization meets the industry standards and sustain their technology resources for the future use. We would perform Gap Analysis to evaluate your current state and determine how to bridge the gaps in your current technology state with the latest technology components.

Project Scoping, Planning, Management and Consultancy

We support you in determining the IT projects’ scope. We act as an independent consultant for your IT projects.  Or, we can manage the projects in full, develop the plans, and lead the IT projects to completion.

IT Requirements Analysis and Product Selection

We listen to you, get to understand your process, analyse the situation and determine your IT requirements. We assist you to determine which products fit to your requirements.

Business Process Reengineering

We identify your current business process and review them. We will use different tools to optimize the process. We will determine the best design of process and will recommend the automation that will speed up your process while keeping with the auditing and security standards. 



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