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Managed Document Control Services 

Part of the Business Process Outsourcing services that we offer is the Managed Document Control Services. These include complete document printing, records management, document digitization, document categorization and document storing. 


Large organization usually produce large amounts of documents that include handwritings, signatures and comments. These documents can build up large amounts of Backlog Files that consume valuable space and require significant time and effort to manage.  We offer Document Digitization Services for both Backlog and Current documents. Our services include:

  • Data Migration: from physical to electronic or between different electronic sources. 
  • Data Extraction: extracting information from documents 
  • Data Entry: using both OCR and manual data entry
  • Document Sorting
  • File Organizing
  • Document Scanning
  • Audio and Video Digitation


We have solid experience with Document Digitization for tens of millions of documents for the following:

  • Medical Files
  • Legal Files
  • Human Resources Files
  • Assets Files
  • Commercial Files
  • Correspondence Files. 


We offer tailored made applications on all mobile platforms to enhance productivity of organizations and offer interactive communication with their clients.

We provide mobile apps for: iOS – Android – BlackBerry – Symbian – Windows 8. We offer the integration of the mobile apps with back office systems including business legacy systems, ERP, ecommerce and databases. We also integrate with Payment Gateways for mobile purchases.

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