Enterprise IT Solutions

We offer complete work collaboration and process workflow systems. The process workflow systems are necessary to ensure work is performed according to processes’ rules by the designated people and at the required time. An example of the solutions that we provide is Correspondence Management System. It manages correspondence of both inbound and outbound, their distribution, task assignment, task follow up, information metadata, categorization and linkage. We also offer Meetings Management System to manage meetings from invitations, participators planning , meeting logistics, meeting agenda, meeting decisions, tasks assignment and follow-up.

MS SharePoint

We offer the implementation of Microsoft SharePoint features, which include:

  • Personal dashboards and home pages. 
  • Blogs and discussions
  • Shared document and meeting workspaces
  • Content management features for documents and other content
  • Document libraries with version control
  • Custom forms and applications 
  • Business Process Workflows 
  • Projects and tasks management
  • Integration with Microsoft Office