Enterprise IT Solutions

We offer the following IT Consultation services:

IT Strategy Consultation

We make the vision for the current IT trends technology future available to you. We make sure that your organization meets the industry standards and sustain their technology resources for the future use. We would perform Gap Analysis to evaluate your current state and determine how to bridge the gaps in your current technology state with the latest technology components.

Project Scoping, Planning, Management and Consultancy

We support you in determining the IT projects’ scope. We act as an independent consultant for your IT projects.  Or, we can manage the projects in full, develop the plans, and lead the IT projects to completion.

IT Requirements Analysis and Product Selection

We listen to you, get to understand your process, analyse the situation and determine your IT requirements. We assist you to determine which products fit to your requirements.

Business Process Reengineering

We identify your current business process and review them. We will use different tools to optimize the process. We will determine the best design of process and will recommend the automation that will speed up your process while keeping with the auditing and security standards.